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How it works

Never send another "When can you meet?" email again. Get the right people together. At the right time. In 3 steps.

  • Create simple rules

    Setup is easy. Add your availability preferences and it'll do the work for you.

  • Share your link

    Share your links via email to let people book your open time slots.

  • Schedule

    They pick a time and the event is added to your Google Calendar.

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Always in the loop

Connect with your calendar and only share the times you want with your guests. Guests get their own notifications, reminders, calendar invites and more.

  • Booking list

    Keep track of all bookings made on your calendar. Either on the app or on your Google calendar.

  • Reminder emails

    Thanks to the Google calendar automatic integration, both you and your meeting guests receive reminders emails from Google.


The right price for you, whoever you are

Start for free, or as low as $6.99 per calendar / month, when billed yearly. You can cancel your plan at any time.


$0 /mo

We'll always have a free plan that answers most needs. No time limit.

  • Unlimited appointments

  • Unlimited scheduling pages

  • Sync with your Google / Outlook / iCloud calendar

  • Booking notifications

  • Google Meet integration

  • English, Spanish, French...

  • Time zone detection


$6 .99 /mo

If you're looking for more customizations over your scheduling pages.

  • Hold group meetings

  • Video conferencing with Zoom

  • Add questions to your booking form

  • Set a custom meeting duration

  • Add custom reminders

  • Collect payments

  • Redirect invitee to your site

  • Export your bookings


Koalendar is proud to support people doing great things in the world. That’s why we offer significant discounts for eligible educators and nonprofits.

People Koalendar

Thousands of teachers and business owners are enjoying the benefits of using a simple online appointments scheduling software.

Google Workspace Ratings for Koalendar

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 700+ reviews on the Google Workspace Marketplace

Teal Bongiovanne's Koalendar reviews

It makes my work life a whole lot easier.

Amanda Martel's Koalendar reviews

Very user friendly! I am loving it already. Easy to download and setup.

Ronald Legarski's Koalendar reviews

A very convenient application for booking appointments with an intuitive guide that gives simple instructions so within a short period of time the app is ready to book appointments.

Spray's Koalendar reviews

I run a mobile business and we do a lot of Pop Up Events and this is the best tool to set up last minute appointments. Love how it easily can be connected to my website or sent in a link text.

Dominic Iannucci's Koalendar reviews

Excellent product. Reliable, robust, and the best part...it's free!

Michelle Keith's Koalendar reviews

Really simple and clean and I was able to embed onto my WordPress site easily. I am really happy with the functionality of the free version and it's easy to gauge the value of the Pro features!!

Marcie Haselden's Koalendar reviews

Awesome tool to manage meetings!

Annalisa Seepersad's Koalendar reviews

So far the experience has been great!

LaToyia Owens's Koalendar reviews

Used it for the first time today. I can believe how easy it is to set up.

Drew Roeder-Bouge's Koalendar reviews

Super excited to be able to use this to help my clients book times with me and not have to look at my calendar multiple times per week to send out training times.

Janiece Smith's Koalendar reviews

Installation and set up is beyond simple. I cannot believe this is a free tool! The simplicity of it is absolutely beautiful! Fully functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Victor Hyman's Koalendar reviews

Koalender makes it so easy to book appointments. I love being able to send people a link via email and letting them pick a day and time that works for them, the time savings are amazing. The Gmail and Meets integrations are fantastic.

Suga Tee PR Firm Ads's Koalendar reviews

The perfect answer and a solution to my calendar madness. Use Kolander it's easy!

Indira Camargo's Koalendar reviews

Very useful Tool. Love it!

Karen Fann's Koalendar reviews

So far I am loving this. easy to set up and get this going. works great with google too. I look forward to learning more and working with this. Thank you.

Joe Guerra's Koalendar reviews

Totally easy to use. I was up and running in 3 minutes. I embedded the calendar in a SaaS solution in 1 more minute.

Karen Crosby's Koalendar reviews

I am happy to find a free app for educational use that doesn't come with X-rated advertising. This is great - only thing that would be even better - free for educational use

Mark Reid's Koalendar reviews

Good little app for sharing alongside outbound sales campaigns. I'm very happy with Koalendar.

Sunshine Woodyard's Koalendar reviews

I'm very happy with Koalandar. It allows me to set up meetings quickly and easily.

Nicole Johnson's Koalendar reviews

It's super easy. Great app for booking meetings. I always had a difficult time to find the right time for appointments, but with Koalander I can just send my contacts a link and they can figure out how my availability best fits their agenda.

Jennifer Her's Koalendar reviews

I love how easy it is, you can use this application as your google extension, I didn't need to open the app to see my appointments! :)

Marie Marquis's Koalendar reviews

Love how user friendly this is. It is made for beginners!

Michelangelo van Dam's Koalendar reviews

I always had a difficult time to find the right time for appointments, but with Koalendar I can just send my contacts a link and they can figure out how my availability best fits their agenda. Setting it up under 5 minutes is incredible. An amazing timesaver!

Michael Martin's Koalendar reviews

Easy, fast, professional looking booking!

Eleftheria Sani Deligiorgi's Koalendar reviews

What i was dreaming about. works like magic. and they are still making it better all the time

Jacob Paulson's Koalendar reviews

Super great. Free version has tons of what you might need and I honestly am probably getting the paid version for a bit just because I'm so thankful for how good the free version is!

Alicia Pierre's Koalendar reviews

I love how it integrates so smoothly with my Google Calendar! So worth it and awesome customer service!

Vatavu Sorina's Koalendar reviews

What a useful app!! I cannot believe how easy it is to schedule my work in harmony with my colleagues. It’s highly intuitive and now we don’t have to debate anymore on how to prepare our common projects and meetings! Kudos to its devs 🐨💕

Nina Buenconsejo's Koalendar reviews

Very efficient app! Helps me a lot with scheduling my appointments. It has definitely saved me a lot of time and increased my productivity. Highly recommend! Great app and great team too!

Ereneo Ren's Koalendar reviews

AMAZING APP! This app has helped me a lot with my work! I'm an educator myself and part of my job requires me to book my classes, schedule meetings, appointments, and conferences. Koalendar does the job SMOOTHLY and EASILY! I recommended this app to my co-educators in school and they just absolutely LOVE it

EduKT iLS's Koalendar reviews

Great app!! I use it for my class bookings. Very simple and easy to set up and great syncronicity with Google Calendar.

YUICHIRO NISHIZAWA's Koalendar reviews

A simple and effective app and the support is great. It works seamless with with Google Calendar. Hiccups in the initial setup were very swiftly fixed by Victor. I am very pleased to find this app. This app will help me stay in touch with my students in the time of pandemic. Thank you for creating this.

Rev. Rebekah's Koalendar reviews

BEST APP EVER! I have found this tremendously helpful in my work. It has saved me a ton of back and forth trying to figure out when I can meet with people. It also encourages me to schedule out planning time so I can protect hours when I need to focus elsewhere and not have meetings. The customer service is highly responsive and replies immediately, and the routine updates improve the app consistently. I can't imagine a better service to make work life easier!!

Amirali Nurmagomedov's Koalendar reviews

I was using the calendly but switched to the Koalendar as soon as I've tried it. It has nice and clean UX, works very smooth, and like that I can reach to the support and get an immediate response, which I wasn't experienced with calendly (once I waited three days to have a no answer).

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