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Looking for a great appointment scheduling software? Switch to Koalendar to pay less across all plans and fully customize as you go. Koalendar provides many advanced features and integrations, which will help you to be more productive.

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Koalendar features

Learn why Koalendar is the best Calendly alternative for your business

Here’s a little chart for you to compare Koalendar and Calendly for yourself:

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Forever Free plan
Zoom integration
Google Calendar integration
Google Meet integration
One on one scheduling
Event and group scheduling
Unlimited appointments (for free)
Unlimited scheduling pages (for free)
Automatic reminders and booking notifications
Automatic time zone adjustment
Custom form fields
Custom design & branding
Offer multiple duration lengths for each link
Supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, ...
Embeddable directly to website
Real-time calendar availability
Chrome extension
Redirect invitee to website upon booking
Fully optimized for all devices
Looks great to customers
24/7 online support

What about our pricing, compared with Calendly?

Both Koalendar and Calendly have a free plan and some paid plans. Koalendar's paid plan starts at $6.99/month, whereas Calendly pricing starts at $8/month.

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Calendly vs Koalendar in a nutshell

Calendly is a scheduling software that lets you eliminate back-and-forth emails. Input rules that indicate your available times. Share the link with your guests, and they can pick a time that's convenient for them. Calendar invites and reminders are automatically set once it's confirmed. The free version lets you schedule unlimited events and integrates with Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams. You will, however, need a paid version to get access to their customer service. You’re also only allowed to have one calendar per account on the free plan.

Koalendar is a great Calendly alternative because it offers a clean, modern, and intuitive interface, for free.

Your invitees will get a delightful booking experience along with a customizable questionnaire to qualify them. You'll also enjoy a live and quick customer service, directly from the developer.

But don't take our word for it: feel free to try Koalendar free account.

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Why people love Koalendar

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    Quick to set up

    We're here to save you time. You won't spend hours configuring your new scheduling tool!
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    Integrates with your tools

    Easily connect Koalendar with your Google calendars, Google meet or Zoom.
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    Your clients will love it

    Clean professional look, fast to load, and works as well on mobile as on desktop.

Say hello to Koalendar: a Calendly alternative you never knew you always needed.

Picking a meeting scheduling platform is not rocket science.

Picking the right one is.

Find out why we, and our clients, think that Koalendar is a go-to Calendly alternative.

What makes Koalendar the perfect Calendly alternative?

Koalendar is a free Calendly alternative

While you can find a free plan of Calendly, that version is much more limited than what’s offered by Koalendar - a powerful Calendly alternative. Koalendar lets you both create unlimited events and receive unlimited bookings, all for free.

Koalendar is one of the most user-friendly Calendly alternatives

No buzzwords here. While there are many Calendly alternatives available on the market, not all of them are actually intuitive and not overwhelming - especially if you’ve never used a meeting scheduling platform before.

And here at Koalendar we believe that making the leap to our tool should be as simple as possible - no matter if you’re coming from sticky notes, Google Calendar, endless emails clogging your inbox, Calendly alternatives, or Calendly itself. Switching is goint to be easy, we can promise you that.

Setting up your Koalendar, despite having a lot of advanced features, won’t give you a headache. The interface is modern and easy to navigate through, and initially configuring it only takes a few minutes.

Not convinced yet? Check out reviews and testimonials that describe in detail why we may be one of the best picks of all the Calendly alternatives.

Koalendar offers a set of features that Calendly (and other Calendly alternatives) may be lacking

Take a look at only a few of our features that may change the way you schedule and manage your meetings and calls, yet are simple to pick up.

Integrating with Google Meet and Zoom may be tricky with other Calendly alternatives, but not with Koalendar. What’s more, you can drift between different meetings in Google Meet with Koalender, because...

Koalendar is a Calendly alternative that provides you with the feature of scheduling multiple people for the same time slot. Now you can book several guests into a variety of breakout sessions with just one tool.

Setting up some breaks? No problem. Do you remember all those mails stating “sorry, let’s reschedule.…”? Well forget about them: now you’ll have meetings only when you can (and want to) have them.

Koalendar stands out with customer service

Issues with Calendly pricing? Struggling with some other Calendly alternatives that you decided to try out? Contacted customer support but to no avail, just becoming another ticket in their inbox?

No way does that happen with Koalendar.

What differs us from other solutions is that we even involve our CEO with addressing issues, advising our users on best practices. On the spot.

Christine - Koalendar Testimonial

“I absolutely LOVE this!! For someone who is very basically computer illiterate, this was one of the easiest tools to download and use.”

Christine Cubillas
Owner of CommuniTAS
Dan Luthi - Koalendar Testimonial

“Have really enjoyed the flexibility of Koalendar. It is simple to use, clean to present and very easy to setup for Google Meet or Zoom.”

Dan Luthi
COO at Ignite Spot
Vanessa - Koalendar Testimonial

“I've been using Koalendar for 4 months and I find it very helpful. Works perfectly with Google Calendar. It saves me a lot of time.”

Vanessa DVJ
Founder of Jerez & Co

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