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Use Koalendar to remove back-and-forth emails from your workflow so you can focus on your coaching business.

Koalendar is an online scheduling platform that streamlines your appointment scheduling process. It helps you stay on top of your client calls, coaching sessions, and group meetings, effortlessly.

Wanna know how Koalendar can help you reduce time-consuming admin work?

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Why do people working in coaching need a smart appointment scheduling system

Meeting people is central to your business, but scheduling doesn’t have to be.

Being a life coach is about building relationships, empowering others, and helping your clients be the best version of themselves.

Koalendar is an appointment scheduling software that streamlines your appointment-setting process and manages your calendar for you. Here’s how it can help you manage a fulfilling coaching career.

Eliminate time-consuming back-and-forth emails

Koalendar lets you create a sleek and intuitive self-booking system that updates your availability in real-time. Simply share your calendar link and let your clients pick what time works for them. It’s easy to use even if they’re not tech-savvy

Manage group and 1:1 sessions in one platform

Use Koalendar to schedule discovery calls, consultations, group sessions, and more. Be it a quick check-in or a comprehensive planning session, the platform lets you adjust the number of participants and duration of your meetings

Build your brand with a self-booking calendar you can embed on all your channels

Building your brand is crucial if you want to build your business. Embed your calendar on your website, social channels, blogs, email newsletters, and more, to quicken conversion and encourage engagement. You can also customize your Koalendar booking pages with your brand color and logo

Help your clients stay consistent with automatic reminders and quick re-scheduling

Consistency is an important part of growth. Koalendar automatically sets reminders for you and your clients so they won’t miss your appointments. Rescheduling is a breeze too. Coordinate on availability and confirm your new meeting in seconds with real-time availability updates

Be on top of your work and personal life with Google Calendar

Set boundaries and find balance in your work and personal life by integrating Koalendar with your Google Calendar. See everything in one place so you can manage your life and lead your clients by example

Expand your reach across different time zones by holding appointments online

Koalendar can help you stay in touch with your clients across different time zones with Zoom and Google Meet integrations. Online coaching is a great way to maintain and deepen client relationships despite social distancing and proximity.

Why people love Koalendar

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    Quick to set up

    We're here to save you time. You won't spend hours configuring your new scheduling tool!
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    Integrates with your tools

    Easily connect Koalendar with your Google calendars, Google meet or Zoom.
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    Your clients will love it

    Clean professional look, fast to load, and works as well on mobile as on desktop.


Essential scheduling features for Coaching

Tedious scheduling processes don't just take your time. They drain your energy too. And when you’re in the business of facing people’s struggles and emotions head-on, you need all the energy you can get and the time to replenish it.

Whether you’re a business coach or a life coach, people entrust you with very important parts of their lives. Use Koalendar to manage your calendar so you can focus on what’s essential.

Intuitive self-scheduling interface

Let your clients pick their preferred dates for your coaching sessions with an easy-to-use booking page.

Real-time availability

Avoid double bookings and manage schedule changes effortlessly.

Flexible meeting durations

Use Koalendar for quick check-ins and extensive life planning sessions.

Automatic reminders and notifications

Never miss appointments with automatic notifications and reminders.

Unlimited 1:1 and group sessions

Set as many 1:1 meetings and group sessions for free.

Easy embed on web and social media

Share your calendar on your social channels and business website for effective client conversion.

Customizable booking pages

Build your brand by customizing your booking page

Google Calendar integration

See all your appointments in one place so you can manage your days with ease.

Integration with Zoom and Google Meet

Maximize online coaching with video calling.

Automatic time zone adjustment

Make scheduling easier despite time zone differences.

Optimized on all devices

Koalendar looks great and runs smoothly on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Great experience guaranteed.
Christine - Koalendar Testimonial

“I absolutely LOVE this!! For someone who is very basically computer illiterate, this was one of the easiest tools to download and use.”

Christine Cubillas
Owner of CommuniTAS
Dan Luthi - Koalendar Testimonial

“Have really enjoyed the flexibility of Koalendar. It is simple to use, clean to present and very easy to setup for Google Meet or Zoom.”

Dan Luthi
COO at Ignite Spot
Vanessa - Koalendar Testimonial

“I've been using Koalendar for 4 months and I find it very helpful. Works perfectly with Google Calendar. It saves me a lot of time.”

Vanessa DVJ
Founder of Jerez & Co

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