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Tidy up your booking process by removing back-and-forth emails, manual follow-ups, and frantic re-scheduling.

Koalendar is an online scheduling platform that streamlines your appointment scheduling process. It helps you stay on top of your cleaning appointments and staff schedule effortlessly.

Curious about how Koalendar can help you freshen up your cleaning business operations? Read more to find out.

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Why do people working in cleaning need a smart appointment scheduling system

With an increasing need for safe and hygienic spaces, cleaning services are becoming more vital. Koalendar can help you stay on top of your client bookings so you can focus on running and growing your janitorial business.

Let your clients pick their preferred time (even if they’re not tech-savvy)

Let your clients schedule their bookings with Koalendar’s sleek and easy-to-use interface. Your clients will enjoy using it even if they’re not tech-savvy. Koalendar works smoothly and looks great on all devices.

Adjust appointment durations according to the requested service

Align expectations with your customers by adjusting meeting durations according to their requested service. This way, your staff can work their best without worrying about time.

Message clients that you’re coming with automatic reminders

Koalendar schedules automatic reminders whenever bookings are confirmed. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about forgotten cleaning service reservations again.

Accept and manage bookings anytime and anywhere

Embed your booking calendar on your web pages and social channels so your clients can find you wherever they are. Koalendar is optimized for all devices so you can receive and manage bookings through mobile, PC, or tablet.

Manage all your bookings automatically and in one place

Sync your business calendar to Google Calendar so you can see all your appointments in one place. Koalendar updates availability in real-time so you can get notified of changes even if you’re busy doing something else. You can avoid double-booking too.

Make a sleek and intuitive booking page with no programming

Set up unlimited Koalendar booking pages with no coding knowledge needed. Customize your booking page with your logo and company colors to deliver personalized and memorable branding too.

Why people love Koalendar

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    Quick to set up

    We're here to save you time. You won't spend hours configuring your new scheduling tool!
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    Integrates with your tools

    Easily connect Koalendar with your Google calendars, Google meet or Zoom.
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    Your clients will love it

    Clean professional look, fast to load, and works as well on mobile as on desktop.


Essential scheduling features for Cleaning

Koalendar is equipped with powerful features to help you deliver exceptional service from the first contact to service completion.

Sleek and intuitive self-booking pages

Let your clients pick their preferred appointments anytime, anywhere.

Real-time availability updates

Avoid double bookings with real-time availability updates.

Google Calendar integration

See all your bookings in one place with Google Calendar sync.

Easy embed on your website and social channels

Be easily accessible linking your calendar to all your public channels.

Optimized on all devices

Receive and manage appointments on mobile, tablet, or PC.

Easy setup

Create intuitive booking pages with no programming needed.

Customizable booking pages

Create a memorable brand experience with customizable logos and colors on your booking page.

Unlimited appointments for free

Accept as many bookings as you like, for free.

Unlimited booking pages for free

Make as many booking pages as you need, free of charge.

Adjustable meeting durations

Make meeting durations realistic with flexible meeting durations.
Christine - Koalendar Testimonial

“I absolutely LOVE this!! For someone who is very basically computer illiterate, this was one of the easiest tools to download and use.”

Christine Cubillas
Owner of CommuniTAS
Dan Luthi - Koalendar Testimonial

“Have really enjoyed the flexibility of Koalendar. It is simple to use, clean to present and very easy to setup for Google Meet or Zoom.”

Dan Luthi
COO at Ignite Spot
Vanessa - Koalendar Testimonial

“I've been using Koalendar for 4 months and I find it very helpful. Works perfectly with Google Calendar. It saves me a lot of time.”

Vanessa DVJ
Founder of Jerez & Co

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