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Snip away tedious back-and-forth scheduling and disappointing no-shows with Koalendar.

Koalendar is an online scheduling platform that streamlines your appointment scheduling process. It helps you stay on top of your client appointments and schedule changes effortlessly.

Streamline your booking process so your customers can easily arrange their hair appointments while you focus on giving them top service.

Curious about how Koalendar can help you trim your booking process?

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Why do people working in hair salon need a smart appointment scheduling system

Hair and beauty salons continue to thrive despite the pandemic. To keep up with a bustling client base, be sure you’re on top of all your bookings and staff schedules.

Koalendar is an appointment scheduling software that streamlines your appointment-setting process and manages your calendar for you.

Here’s how it can help you build and maintain a busy hair salon.

Let clients book their appointments with easy-to-use booking pages

You can finally stop wasting time on back-and-forth scheduling calls and emails. Koalendar lets you make sleek and intuitive booking pages so your clients can self-schedule their appointments. The platform automatically updates in real-time, so you won’t have to worry about double bookings too.

Avoid no-shows with automatic reminders

Significantly reduce no-shows and time-consuming manual follow-ups. Koalendar creates automatic reminders the moment your customers confirm their appointments. This way, your customers will never forget their hair appointments again.

Be available anytime and anywhere, without disrupting your time

Koalendar manages your schedule for you 24/7. Embed your calendar on your hair salon’s website and social pages so your clients can reach you whenever it’s convenient for them. Koalendar works well and looks great on mobile, tablet, and PC. It also has a Google Chrome extension, so your clients can book you however they want to.

Assign the right staff member for your customers’ needs

Koalendar lets you customize booking forms so you know what service your customer needs. Be it simple haircuts or specific hair treatments, getting this information in advance will help you assign the right staff for that session so you can ensure quality and expertise in every visit.

See all your bookings in one place

Koalendar syncs with Google Calendar so you can oversee everything in your hair salon, all in one place. Monitor your staff assignments and see which services are most requested. Optimize your resources and spot more growth opportunities along the way.

Easy setup and no programming required

Koalendar lets you set up unlimited and customizable booking pages with no technical knowledge required. Simply select your business hours and easily adjust everything else according to your needs.

Why people love Koalendar

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    Quick to set up

    We're here to save you time. You won't spend hours configuring your new scheduling tool!
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    Integrates with your tools

    Easily connect Koalendar with your Google calendars, Google meet or Zoom.
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    Your clients will love it

    Clean professional look, fast to load, and works as well on mobile as on desktop.


Essential scheduling features for Hair Salon

Your customers deserve something better than back-and-forth messages and manual phone calls, and so do you.

Automate your calendar management and scheduling process with Koalendar so you can focus on empowering your staff and providing quality service for your clients.

Easy-to-use self-booking pages

Koalendar’s booking pages are easy to use even if your clients aren’t tech-savvy.

Real-time availability

Avoid double bookings with real-time updates.

Automatic reminders

Say goodbye to no-shows with automatic reminders.

Unlimited bookings for free

Grow your business guiltlessly and accommodate as many customers as you can.

Unlimited booking pages for free

Create unlimited booking pages for your available services or staff for free.

Customizable booking forms

Know what your customers want in advance so you can provide the best service possible.

Easy embed on social channels and websites

Be wherever your clients are by linking your calendar to all your promotional pages.

Optimized on all devices

Koalendar looks good and works well on mobile, tablet, or PC.

Customizable branding

Adjust your logo and colors on your booking page to build a strong brand.

Google Calendar Sync

See all your hair salon activities in one place with Google Calendar sync.
Christine - Koalendar Testimonial

“I absolutely LOVE this!! For someone who is very basically computer illiterate, this was one of the easiest tools to download and use.”

Christine Cubillas
Owner of CommuniTAS
Dan Luthi - Koalendar Testimonial

“Have really enjoyed the flexibility of Koalendar. It is simple to use, clean to present and very easy to setup for Google Meet or Zoom.”

Dan Luthi
COO at Ignite Spot
Vanessa - Koalendar Testimonial

“I've been using Koalendar for 4 months and I find it very helpful. Works perfectly with Google Calendar. It saves me a lot of time.”

Vanessa DVJ
Founder of Jerez & Co

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