Koalendar for Zapier / Webhooks

Set up triggers to export appointments and contact details from Koalendar to third-party apps, and vice versa.

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Zapier / Webhooks

Connect Koalendar to your other tools and automate your workflows

Automate daily tasks

Connect multiple third-party platforms to Koalendar using Zapier, and cut down on manual processes and data transfer.

Bring your apps together

Custom triggers (aka Zaps) link Koalendar to 2000+ CRM, marketing, productivity and other business apps.

Christine - Koalendar Testimonial

“I absolutely LOVE this!! For someone who is very basically computer illiterate, this was one of the easiest tools to download and use.”

Christine Cubillas
Owner of CommuniTAS
Dan Luthi - Koalendar Testimonial

“Have really enjoyed the flexibility of Koalendar. It is simple to use, clean to present and very easy to setup for Google Meet or Zoom.”

Dan Luthi
COO at Ignite Spot
Vanessa - Koalendar Testimonial

“I've been using Koalendar for 4 months and I find it very helpful. Works perfectly with Google Calendar. It saves me a lot of time.”

Vanessa DVJ
Founder of Jerez & Co

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